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LoD3d Ch9: Aftermath

Ch9: Aftermath


After the funeral, Magdaline's grandmother felt it would be better for her if she started tutoring if not attending a local school to help get her mind off of her situation. In raising her own children, she had always taught them her values and knowledge at home.

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Ch9: Aftermath

Magdaline was placed in the care of her grandmother, Eliasys. The woman was stern but thoughtful. She did not idolize peace and serenity such as her son and his wife did. She believed in preparedness and thought of the future above all else. The things she instilled in her children, she now must pass to her granddaughter.

At first, Magdaline could only see the death of her parents, she barely ate and would only cry.

At her parents funeral, words were said by those who touched their lives and had been touched. Loving people who did not see what her father was in the end. She did not see this side of him at all. Her father was loving, caring and very gentle with her and her mother. At any moment he would sit with her and read books of lore and valor, monsters and villains. She always saw him as a cleric, working in the world to save everyone from pain and persecution. She never realized that of everyone he could he was the one in the books everyone was to hate.

After the funeral, Magdaline’s grandmother felt it would be better for her if she started tutoring if not attending a local school to help get her mind off of her situation. In raising her own children, she had always taught them her values and knowledge at home. She prepared them for a future where the world was bleak and she made sure that they understood that the worst things could happen. This child knew none of that before this moment.

For the first few weeks, tutors came to the residence, and in turn were treated to an unreasonable, screaming girl. Most fled within seconds, some lasted longer, most vowed never to return. As Eliasys’ options waned. She could not force the girl to calm down, she could not even reason with her. One day she summoned commander Tagrus, the commander of the city guard. He was a very direct and stern warrior. His knowledge and experience in battle made him firm, if not unsympathetic to the plights of his soldiers. His orders were direct and precise.

He arrived in the morning wearing a full set of plated armor covered in symbols and adornment from his many acts of heroism on the battlefield. The housekeeper greeted him and alerted the madam.

As he strode his armor clad boots clanked on the marble floor. His gate was long and powerful. Lead to the dining room, he sat in a chair and it creaked from the weight of his armor. His voice was deep, much deeper than any person Magdaline had ever met before. She rose from her bed and went to the doorway to listen. There was something soothing about this figure that she found peaceful. Not the type she was used to by her father or mother, but a sound that resonated in her soul.

After some time of Eliasys and the soldier talking, she finally heard her name called. This was all for her? She slowly made her way down to the corridor leading to the dining room. When she entered she saw the man. His armor shining in the lights of the windows, The insignia of the house on it. He was dragonborn.

He instinctively stood, towering over the young girl. She imagined the width of his shoulders were wider than she was tall. His mouth moved rhythmically in low tones that she thought would vibrate the house as he greeted her. He pulled a chair and with a motion, asked her to sit. She felt compelled to follow his command.

She sat down in the chair slowly, this was not a tutor. Was he here to take her away? Her mind raced from scenario to scenario. Nothing made sense. She looked up slowly at his face. His scales were redish orange and eyes almost seemed alien to her. Lastly she looked at his sharp, serrated teeth and for an instant she thought he might be there for dinner. Her!

As the commander looked her over, seeing her increasing discomfort in him, slowly began to speak.

“She is very small.”

With the low voice again vibrating in her, she looked over to her grandmother who had been watching her reaction.

“She needs guidance that we simply cannot give her. I ask this for her grandfather’s sake. You served him well in his day. You were a part of my own children’s lives.”

He let out a low grumble. “Your children were twice her size when they started training. How old is she?”

“She will be thirteen soon.”